About Woodland Heritage

Our Vision : A UK more self-sufficient in timber grown in healthy, well-managed woodlands that benefit people and wildlife.

Our Mission : To be instrumental in developing the resources and skills necessary for producing quality wood products made of timber from healthy, well-managed trees grown and processed in the UK.

In 2019, Woodland Heritage will have been uniting all tree people for 25 years – a unique vehicle for wood users (and consumers) to “put something back” and contribute to the proper management of British trees.  We all use wood; but do we all grow trees – support for Woodland Heritage helps to complete that equation.

A membership-based organisation, Woodland Heritage supports:

Tackling the threats to our trees and the future supply of high quality timber
Over £2m pledged to research into Acute Oak Decline already, a figure that continues to rise

Development of the timber supply chain
Whether through our own business, Whitney Sawmills, or by helping other processors we help British woods move from forests to factories and many other places as well

Proactive management of resilient woodlands
Through grants, bursaries and awards, publications, or videos, or via long-term associations with like-minded bodies, woodland management lies at the heart of what we do through our other projects

Furthering the knowledge and skills of everyone working in forestry and timber production
Hundreds of growers and users have benefited from our Woodland to Workshop courses, with many more receiving grants to further their forestry careers through training and study tours

Increasing everyone’s enjoyment of well-managed woodlands
An annual Journal and a yearly Field Weekend are just two examples of the grants and events that help bring people closer to the best managed woodlands in the UK

Woodland Heritage is a registered charity, charity details can be viewed on the Charity Commission's website, simply complete a charity search using our charity number 1041611.

Peter Goodwin

Peter Goodwin

Our Story

It was in the spring of 1993 when Peter Goodwin and I sat round a table bemoaning the sorry state of our trees and woodlands. I remember saying,

“Peter, we only have ten per cent tree cover in this country whereas our continental neighbours have an average of twenty-seven per cent!”

“Well we should try and do something about it,” he replied and so we egged each other on.

We finally decided that as furniture makers and users of beautiful hardwoods – we should take the lead. We had to create a vehicle through which all users of wood could “put something back” and provide for future generations. The concept of wood users helping to grow and manage trees was elegantly simple. We presented the idea to twenty fellow furniture makers and every single one joined! Woodland Heritage was born.

Our concept of “wood users” went beyond craftsmen to include those who sold wood products and consumers who bought that beautiful oak kitchen, but we needed experienced tree growers on board also. Within a few months Peter, by then our Chairman of Trustees (left) had managed to enthuse many landowners to join and so we began the process of “uniting the tree grower with the wood user”.

Since then our membership has grown to include many hundreds of individuals and companies with a love of trees, wood and rural crafts. Over the last quarter-century we have quietly got things done. We have always sought to work in partnership with other organizations (to avoid duplication) and to add value in any way we can.  We seek to help through funding projects, travel bursaries, research, education, spreading the word and co-operating with like-minded initiatives.


Peter and I egged each on for nearly twenty-five years to develop Woodland Heritage, until his untimely death in 2017. But we are still supported by a knowledgeable and dedicated board of Trustees and of course.... our ‘broad church’ of Members.

By Lewis Scott

Become a Member

Join Woodland Heritage today and you’ll be supporting a British charity devoted to creating a UK more self-sufficient in timber grown in healthy, well-managed woodlands which benefit people and wildlife.

If you appreciate materials and products sourced from well managed woodlands, and if you believe in supporting the next generation’s rise to meet the challenges they face, then we’re the charity to join!

“Woodland Heritage is one of the few organisations that really understands young people in forestry and helps nurture their talents.”

Ted Wilson
Faculty of Forestry, University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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