Donations for Acute Oak Decline

Your kind donations will be used to support research and raise awareness of the Acute Oak Decline (AOD).

Please send cheques payable to "Woodland Heritage" to the following address:

Woodland Heritage
P.O. Box 168
GU27 1XQ

Woodland Heritage is a Registered Charity No. 1041611


Read more about Acute Oak Decline and how to manage it: Forest Research Acute Oak Decline


Welcome to our new website

At Woodland Heritage we work hard to to help individuals and organizations through funding projects, awards, travel bursaries, research, education, spreading the word and co-operating with like-minded initiatives.

Our Forum offers a meeting point to ask questions and seek help regarding ... and to facilitate discussions on relevant forestry and wood related topics. Members can use the Projects section to post articles and letters on a variety of topics, allowing other users to comment on them. If you are looking for access to journals, printed documents and literature published by Woodland Heritage or likeminded organisations you will find them in the Library. Please feel free to Contact Us if you can not find what you are looking for or you wish a new section in this website.

About Woodland Heritage

Woodland Heritage is recognized as a unique initiative, which truly unites all tree people – a vehicle for wood users (and consumers) to “put something back” and contribute to the proper management of British Trees.

Woodland Heritage was founded by a group of traditional cabinet makers who wanted to improve the way in which trees were grown, maintained and harvested in the UK. This small group of environmentally minded producers was rapidly joined by many hundreds of individuals with concerns for our woodland environment, furniture retailers, timber merchants, tree growers and colleges. Woodlands are capable of growing high quality timber whilst providing an environment that supports wildlife, but only if properly and continuously managed. Woodland Heritage will seek to help through funding projects, travel bursaries, research, education, spreading the word and co-operating with like-minded initiatives.

Woodland Heritage is a registered charity, charity details can be viewed here on the Charity Commission's website, simply complete a charity search using our charity number 1041611.

How Woodland Heritage began

Peter Goodwin, Co-founder and Chairman of Trustees of Woodland Heritage

It was in the spring of 1993 when Peter Goodwin and I sat round a table bemoaning the sorry state of our trees and woodlands. I remember saying,
“Peter, we only have ten per cent tree cover in this country whereas our continental neighbours have an average of twenty-seven per cent!”
“Well we should try and do something about it,”
he replied and so we egged each other on.

We finally decided that as furniture makers and users of beautiful hardwoods – we should take the lead. We had to create a vehicle through which all users of wood could “put something back” and provide for future generations. The concept of wood users helping to grow and manage trees was elegantly simple. We presented the idea to twenty fellow furniture makers and every single one joined! Woodland Heritage was born.

Our concept of “wood users” went beyond craftsmen to include those who sold wood products and consumers who bought that beautiful oak kitchen, but we needed experienced tree growers on board also.Within a few months Peter, our Chairman of Trustees (above) had managed to enthuse many landowners to join and so we began the process of “uniting the tree grower with the wood user”.

Lewis J Scott Director of Woodland HeritageSince then our membership has grown to include many hundreds of individuals and companies with a love of trees, wood and rural crafts. Over the last twelve years we have quietly got things done. We have always sought to work in partnership with other organizations (to avoid duplication) and to add value in any way we can.

So some twelve years on, Peter and I are still “at it”, egging each other on, still on a voluntary basis. But we are now supported by dedicated board of knowledgeable Trustees and of course.... our ‘broad church’ of Members.



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