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Britain's native Oak is currently under threat Featured

Britain's native Oak is currently under threat

"What if Britain's most iconic and important broadleaf tree, the native Oak was to be reduced to a shadow of its current level?

Surely it is unthinkable that we could be without them?"

-An article about about Acute Oak Decline (AOD)- by Sandra Denman, Forest Research Scientist

Click here to dowload the pdf article


Forest Research (Forestry Commission) has published some guidelines about managing AOD:
Read more about Acute Oak Decline and download "Forestry Commission Practice Note 15": Forest Research Acute Oak Decline


This is a selection of what media and newspapers have written or broadcasted about the dangers and spread of Acute Oak Decline (AOD), and the urgent need for research and funding:

BBC West Midlands - Inside Out: Acute Oak Decline at Attingham Park, by Clive Dunn.
The article includes a 1:35 min video

Podcast BBC Radio 4 A Point of View, with Simon Schama: 'The tree that shaped Britain' [click the link to read the transcript in BBC News Magazine or click here to listen to the podcast in BBC iPlayer 07/05/2010]

Forestry Commisssion's Practice Note FCPN015  'Managing Acute Oak Decline', by Sandra Denman, Susan Kirk and Joan Webber

The Independent Disease threatens to fell Britain's historic oak trees

The Independent Now Britain's oaks face killer disease

BBC News Oak disease 'threatens landscape'

The Telegraph Mysterious new disease threatens oak trees

The Guardian New oak tree disease could 'change British landscape', experts warn

Mirror British woodlands hit by new killer disease

AOL News Oak disease 'could alter landscape'

Herald 24 Deadly disease confirmed in Hoddesdon woodland

Tree Diseases Conference April 2010

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